Shot blasting machines with conveyor belt in rubber and steel are designed to allow high production levels, at particularly low costs, of small and medium-sized items, in intermittent loads.
This kind of shot blasting machine include a continuous conveyor belt, in special anti-abrasive rubber or steel plates, for the rotation of the pieces during the blasting process.
Loading is automatic via a hydraulic tipping bucket, except for the smaller models that are designed to be loaded manually. 

The range of TG type rubber belt shot blasting machines is ideal for die-cast aluminum, hot and cold pressed brass or steel parts, small metal parts in general, pieces coming from heat treatment, cast iron and brass and aluminum castings, also screws with the 4 ° R version equipped with an additional roller and shaker. 
The range of TM type metal mat shot blasting machines is Ideal for cold and hot molded parts in brass or steel; pieces coming from heat treatment, cast iron and brass casting. The ST2 version is equipped with double magnetic drum and it is able to work with large and heavy burrs. The steel belt gearmotor is combined with an inverter for the variation of the rotation speed of the belt during the piece blasting and unloading phase.

Shot blasting machines with conveyor belt in rubber and steel are engineered to take loads from 60 to over 2,500 Kg. Installed power at turbines from 4 to 40 kW. Automatic discharge, with reversal of direction of the conveyor belt. 

Relevant application fields:
• steel and cast iron foundries
• die-casting of light alloys
• thermal treatments
• pressure die-casting
• galvanic treatments, etc.  


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