The continuous monorail shot blasting machine (“TS-MC”) represents a particularly versatile solution for the treatment of parts hanging individually or in clusters to the hooks (with motorized translation) of a monorail overhead conveyor. These are installations very efficient when you need high productions rates: in fact the movement of the hooks through the blasting machine takes place via a motorised overhead transporter, which can advance at intervals (pneumatic doors) or continuously (rubber containment curtains). 

An internal safety door sees to the closing of the turbine compartments while the clusters are in motion (with doors open, turbines rotating and constant influx of shot). The ring shape of the airway allows the operations of loading and unloading of the pieces on the hooks outside the cabin, during the shot blasting process of the hook inside the cabin.The hook conveyor of the monorail will have a number of hooks adapted to the customer's needs with a set step, will also have the possibility of having loading and unloading positions at an ergonomic height. 

According to the client's specific needs, shot blasting machines can be equipped with: 
• INVERTER (to vary turbine projection speeds - e.g., aluminium die-casting - shot)
• SEPARATION (with vibrating screen and magnetic drums, for sand-blasting - refilling)
• HOPPER (with level-sensitive probes to automatically readjust the quantity of shot in the circuit)  


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