EJP TOSCA produces a complete range of dust suction and elimination systems. The range of dust-removers includes cartridge-filters with automatic cleaning systems using jets of conuterflow compressed air.
These filters ore generally used for the following applications: 

Shotblasting: foundries, thermal treatments, hot and cold forging, alluminium, brass, paint preparations, etc.

Thermal cutting applications: Iasers, oxygen-Ianre cutting, plasma, etc.

Special applications: complete products, natural and agglomerate stone, etc. Tosca's filtering plants are designed under CE rules both for dusts emission and safety norms.

Working Principle: Fumes created during cutting operations are sucked out and taken through ducts to the dust-remover via a pre-chamber that help to separate the larger particles by decantation.
The flow with the remaining lighter suspended particles passes through the cartridge compartment, depositing pollutants on its outside.
The clean air can thus be expelled from the head of the dust-remover via an exhaust vent.
An electrical panel controls cartridge cleaning. Dust falls and gathers in the hopper below.

Construction Features

The dust-remover essentially consists of:
> lower supporting structure
> collection hopper for dust captured with automatlc membrane outlet
> filter unit containing filtering cartridges
> filtering cartridges made of heat-sealed non-woven polyester (PES) fabric
> full-immersion type air-distribution collector for cleaning with incorporated solenoid valves and blacks of nozzles
> centrifugal fan to draw out fumes and expel clean air
> electronic control panel for cleaning cycle with ΔP sensor and economiser
> air capacity from 750 m3/hr to 30,000 m3/hr

> series of fume-aspiration ducts
> silencer for ventilator
> anti-explosion version for flammable powders 


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